sdk library available

27 Jan 2000 13:40:12 -0800

>>>>> "WK" == Werner Koch <> writes:
>> If not, is there some ongoing development [of an sdk]? WK> No. Use the Unix way. The overhead of fork and exec is not WK> that high compared to the crypto operations. Yeah, but it's stupendously high for Windows systems. It's going to be difficult to develop plugins for e.g. Eudora or Netscape without some kind of separable library. It's fairly easy to say that GnuPG "only" works on Unix and Unix-like OSes, but I think that puts us all at a big disadvantage. GnuPG is essentially a communications tool, and pleasant or not the fact is that most people don't use Unix for their computer communications (at least on the MUA side). Getting GnuPG to those people, too, means -we- can all use it more often. :-) As a side note, I'm wondering what the policy is for American citizens to contribute to GnuPG. Could I hack the code (e.g., to make a separate DLL for Windows) and submit my diffs? Or is that illegal? ~ESP -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ESP <> | | RoR - Alucard ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~