sdk library available

J Hartman
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 07:45:00 +0000

That's totally I am thinking about it, too.
I just encountered a mailing list for gcrypt, the GNU crypto library, isn't that supposed to be such a library??? How about that? Died?



> >>>>> "WK" == Werner Koch <> writes:
> >> If not, is there some ongoing development [of an sdk]?
> WK> No. Use the Unix way. The overhead of fork and exec is not
> WK> that high compared to the crypto operations.
> Yeah, but it's stupendously high for Windows systems. It's going to be
> difficult to develop plugins for e.g. Eudora or Netscape without some
> kind of separable library.
> It's fairly easy to say that GnuPG "only" works on Unix and Unix-like
> OSes, but I think that puts us all at a big disadvantage. GnuPG is
> essentially a communications tool, and pleasant or not the fact is
> that most people don't use Unix for their computer communications (at
> least on the MUA side). Getting GnuPG to those people, too, means -we-
> can all use it more often. :-)
> As a side note, I'm wondering what the policy is for American citizens
> to contribute to GnuPG. Could I hack the code (e.g., to make a
> separate DLL for Windows) and submit my diffs? Or is that illegal?
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