keysigning ?= UIDsigning

Thomas Bader
Tue, 4 Jul 2000 09:56:20 +0200

* Frank Tobin <> [000703 22:34]:

> Thomas Bader, at 09:52 +0200 on Mon, 3 Jul 2000, wrote:
> > Have you ever sent a message containing those umlauts ()? If you
> > send such a message in the regular-old PGP BEGIN/END format, then the
> > umlauts get screwed up. If you use PGP/MIME this didn't happen.
> Seems to work fine when using PGP BEGIN/END in Pine; dunno if Pine is just
> hacking it, though.
No, this does not work. Imagine, if you send such a mail in Quoted-Printable: There could be some MTAs which convert it to 8Bit before storing it in the users mailbox. Due to the converting, the signed content gets invalid. You can avoid this by signing the content before it gets encoded to Quoted-Printable. But this seems only possible by using PGP-MIME. All Mailers I know do the signing *after* encoding to Quoted-Printable. Cheers, Thomas -- .-. Thomas Bader .-. oo| oo| /`'\ Einen Unix-Shellaccount gibt es unter /`'\ (\_;/) PGP Key-ID: 0x3A4B7F5D (RSA) 0x7584F5D8 (DSA/EG) (\_;/)