Changing primary user ID?

Johan Lundberg
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 10:46:13 +0200 (CEST)

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On Thu, 29 Jun 2000, L. Sassaman wrote:

>On Thu, 29 Jun 2000, Daniel Roesen wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 29, 2000 at 11:27:26AM +0200, Werner Koch wrote:
>> > Also there is a "primary user id" flag specified in OpenPGP it's semantics
>> > are not very clear because you may have more than one of these
>> > "primary user ids". A solution to this problem would be to reorder
>> > (while displaying) the user IDs based on that flag and the creation
>> > date of the user ID (as defined by the self-signature).
>> Yep, this is also what I was looking for several weeks ago when I
>> added a new user ID to my key. I know PGP 6.5.1i for Windows is
>> capable of marking an user ID as "primary". And that what I was
>> looking for in GnuPG - with no success.
>FYI, PGP prior to 7.0 does not set the primary user ID flag (It just
>changes the physical order in which the user-ids are stored.)
But there is still no answer to the question 'how do I change primary user-id'. I'm thinking about exporting my keys from gpg to pgp, change primary user id, and then put it pack in to gpg. May this be a solution? /johan - -- Johan Lundberg Råggatan 2.2tr 118 59 Stockholm +46(0)8-64 223 48 B847 687B 8971 0AAC 1C29 DBA1 AB5F 664F D3A0 A0E5 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.1 (GNU/Linux) Comment: For info see iD8DBQE5bDBsq19mT9OgoOURAu/nAJ9MBdl4EvmOlnLAZOYrrGseQFklxACgtffi xMcof6vgLZhtpxZpxXlY5mw= =/vTO -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----