transferring secret keys to new secret-keyring

David T-G
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 14:26:14 -0400

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Hi, folks --

I had played with gpg back in the 0.40 days and made myself a few keys.
Meanwhile, I also have a few PGP2 and PGP5 keys on the PGP keyrings.

It's time to simplify things, and so I'm moving to gpg like I probably
should have a long time ago :-)

I see how I can copy public keys to a new public keyring, and I know
that I can then delete those keys from the main keyring.  I don't see,
however, how to transfer a secret key from the main ring.  I'd like to
create a few public/secret ring pairs for my past identities, since I'm
sure that someday someone will come back and try to send me some mail
with them but I don't want to have to wade through those keys every time
I do a --list-keys.

What have I missed?

Once I get that down and have only one or two current keys in my keyring,
I'll start adding the few close friends who should be there.  Then I'll
set up a few other public keyrings for work associates, mailing list
correspondents, and such.  I *think* I can handle all of that :-)

Thanks in advance.  Please be sure to send your reply to me since I'm not
on the list; a summary will follow once I get the trick answered.

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