Revoking key

André Dahlqvist
Fri, 21 Jul 2000 14:17:11 +0200

> Anything smaller than 2048 probably is too small. 2048 is a fine
> size.
If that's the case, which I doubt everyone agrees on, I think the GnuPG manual should be updated. It currently states: "The longer the key the more secure it is against brute-force attacks, but for almost all purposes the default keysize is adequate since it would be cheaper to circumvent the encryption than try to break it."
> > Another reason is that I have gotten the impression from the GnuPG
> > changelog that decryption is faster with keys generated with
> > v1.0.2, is this correct?
> I can't see why that would be correct.
What made me think so was the GnuPG changelog at Among the changes this is mentioned: "New encryption keys are generated in a way which allows a much faster decryption" So is decryption faster in 1.0.2 only on newly generated keys, or on keys created before too? -- // André