HPUX 10.20 compile notes

Archie.Johnson@atl.bluecross.ca Archie.Johnson@atl.bluecross.ca
Mon, 31 Jul 2000 17:48:59 -0300

Here's some notes of my experience compiling Gnupg 1.0.2  (If memory serves me

1. Downloaded and installed depots (packages) for binutils 2.9.1, gcc 2.95.2,
make 3.79.
2. Added /opt/gcc/bin, /opt/binutils/bin, and /opt/make/bin to the beginning of
my path
3. Created a symlink from /opt/gcc/bin/cc to /opt/gcc/bin/gcc
4. ./configure
5. gmake
6. gmake install

This was done on a bare-bones test box with the brain dead cc compiler that
comes by default with hpux.

I did step 3 to get around a problem with the config.guess script that was using
the brain dead cc compiler and resulted in the system type not being identified

I had run step 5 as root which caused a problem during the 'checking' processes
after compile.  The error was "Bad System Call" which had been discussed in an
earlier posting somewhere.  Apparently you can't run this version of gpg as root
under hpux... something about memory locking.  There was an untested patch
posted in either the users or devel mailing list for this problem.  As this was
untested I did not bother to install it.  You should probably run this step as
non-root (as well as any other time you run gpg (or any make for that matter)).

I also remember seeing some other posting on setting a configure switch
--enable-static-rnd=egd (entropy gathering daemon), but did not do this although
it probably should.

Safeharbor Statement... I'm neither a sysadmin, programmer, nor a gpg expert.  I
just wanted to share my solutions / experiences with anyone who may be
interested.  Please give this all the consideration you feel it is worth.

Thanks, Archie