what is interactive mode ?

horio shoichi horio@acm.org
Fri, 02 Jun 2000 18:11:20 +0900

clemensF wrote:

> > horio@acm.org:
> > So my question is, what is 'interactive' mode exactly ?
> developers usually check if stdin is connected to a /dev/tty type device,
> which it isn't when called from scripts. what shell are you using? i
> haven't seen the type of redirection you let it perform.
> --
> clemens
I don't see what you are asking. As for fds 0, 1, 2, I haven't changed them, as you point out. As for terminal emulator, I'm using xterm. But neither seem to relate to --options contents, except for batch, no-tty, and interactive. To reiterate my question, what options affect interactiveness, assuming --options presence itself doesn't affect it. horio shoichi