Problem with PGP working together with GNUPG

Wed, 7 Jun 2000 12:26:07 +0200

> Ralf Orlowski:

> I have a problem with the exchange of encrypted messages between PGP and
following are my # Options for GnuPG which work fine with pgp: # interop with PGP 5 users. for OpenPGP compliance remove this option. force-v3-sigs #compress-algo 2=default 1=pgp compress-algo 1 # pgp uses idea, rsa, both patented in the usa. for gpg there is elgamal # for encryption and dsa for compact signatures. the symmetric algos are: # Cipher: IDEA, 3DES, CAST5, BLOWFISH, TWOFISH #cipher-algo <name> pgp-compatible={3des cast5 !(blow|two)fish} cipher-algo cast5 #digest-algo <name> {md5 ripemd160 sha1} digest-algo sha1 #s2k-cipher-algo <name>, which is the string-to-key cipher used for seckeys s2k-cipher-algo cast5 disable-cipher-algo blowfish # defaults: dsa/signing, elgamal/encryption disable-pubkey-algo ELG load-extension idea load-extension rsa clemens