Image in Key

Thomas Bader
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 13:18:36 +0200

* <> [000613 11:12]:

> I received a key from a friend of mine, that containes a part called
> "[image of size 4043]".
This key was generated by PGP 6.x, I suppose? PGP 6.x contains a feature, which allows to put a picture into the public key.
> Can somebody please explain to me, *if* there's a way to view this
> image and *how* it could be done?
I don't know how to do with GnuPG. I suppose, you need PGP 6.x to view the image. Cheers, Thomas -- .-. Thomas Bader .-. oo| oo| /`'\ Einen Unix-Shellaccount gibt es unter /`'\ (\_;/) PGP Key-ID: 0x3A4B7F5D (RSA) 0x7584F5D8 (DSA/EG) (\_;/)