keysigning ?= UIDsigning

Thomas Bader
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 09:31:48 +0200

* Chad Miller <> [000629 02:46]:

> ...but a fingerprint or keyid doesn't assert UID at all. So, when you're
> at a keysigning party, you should demand the UID as well?
Yes, you should.
> It'd be a shame to get plenty of signatures on a single-UID key and have
> your ISP go tits-up.
There's a better solution: Why you don't get a mail address which you can use your whole life? There are much services where you can get such an address, for example or Cheers, Thomas -- .-. Thomas Bader .-. oo| oo| /`'\ Einen Unix-Shellaccount gibt es unter /`'\ (\_;/) PGP Key-ID: 0x3A4B7F5D (RSA) 0x7584F5D8 (DSA/EG) (\_;/)