PGP = Encryption = YARG!

Rick Towns
Thu, 2 Mar 2000 17:02:32 -0500

Hi all,

I'm a rookie at this, but I am SOOO confused. Here's what I did:

1) Installed gnupg (gpg) on my UNIX box. Also installed a script called which is supposed to let me build HTML pages that allow the
mailing of PGP messages.

2) Installed the Freeware PGP from into my Outlook Express (from
IE 5.0).

My problem is, when I send a test message from the script with
PGP encoding, I cannot open it on my Win98 client end. It tells me that the
message was encrypted with a identified public key, but that my keyring
doesn't have a corresponding private key. Sure enough, if I run the PGPKeys
utility, I can see that my original key is there (and it says it's a key
pair), but the key from my UNIX box shows that it's just the public portion.
I got that public portion in by importing the pubring.gpg file off my UNIX
box into the PGP software on my Win98 computer. That went fine. But if I try
to import the secring.gpg file, it says the file is corrupt.

As I said, I'm new and MUST be doing something wrong. I have tried to find
an easy step by step kind of FAQ on PGP on the Internet, but everything
seems to be server oriented, not client oriented.

Am I out to lunch? Am I on the wrong track? Do I type too much? Let me know
what you think! :-)