Problems with an expired key...

Christopher Smith
Tue, 14 Mar 2000 23:45:57 -0800

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Ok.. So now I seem to have everything right messed up. :-(

My old key expired. I wanted to have interoperability between Linux
and Windows, so I generated my next key with PGP for Windows, and then
imported it into GPG.

Unfortunately, GPG seems to still like my old key (even if I disable
it). Although I get warnings when I decrypt that my key has expired,
when I encrypt it seems to still want to use the old key.

I think it'd be doing the same thing with signatures but for the fact
that I specified the default-key option to my new key.

Is there some way to get around this problem that doesn't involve
dumping my old key from my keyring (still handy for reading old

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