Open issues

Nils Ellmenreich
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 13:08:42 +0100 (MET)


there seem to be some problems which are known but are not
addressed. Example: I found, for a particular key (generated by pgp 6.x),
which I imported into my gnupg 1.0.1 keyring and signed (all uids), that
gnupg --list-keys --with-colons showed the 'q' value for one of its
uids. This should not happened as the key was signed by myself. The
trouble with it is an error message when trying to encrypt sth. using
this key: "couldn't find a valid trust path ..." I found no way to
assign full trust to this uid.

Now, this seems to be a bug, and I found at least two mails to the
gnupg-users list concerning this very issue in the last
months. However, no one replied to it.

Another one: I had repeatedly problems (all this on Solaris 2.6) with the
trustdb, as gnupg --export-ownertrust was hanging indefinitely. I had to
remove the trustdb an let it be reconstructed. I remember several mails
on gnupg-users concerning problems with the trustdb.

But none of this is being discussed nor does it show up in the bugs
file ... :-(

I still got one: say, if you revoke a subkey and add a new one, your key
contains a revoked one and a valid one. Now, if you encrypt using this
key, specifying the name of the primary key, you would assume that gnupg
selects the valid subkey. It doesn't. Instead, it selects (the first in
time order?) revoked one and complains about the invalidity. I would
call this a mis-feature or bug. Workaround: specify the keyid of the
valid one.

I don't send this to gnupg-bugs as most of this was already on this list
and should be known. But what to do about it?

Cheers, Nils
Nils Ellmenreich - Fak. für Math./Informatik - Please use gpg  - Nils @ - Universität Passau - Uni-Passau.DE