[Re: Using gpg-created DSS keys with PGP 6.5.3]

Guoheng Wei guoheng@netscape.net
19 May 00 10:20:44 PDT

"clemensF" <ino-waiting@gmx.net> wrote:

> L. Sassaman (Thu 18.0500-13:06):
> The problem is that GnuPG uses Blowfish to encrypt the private key, and
> PGP does not support Blowfish. Removing the passphrase is what is usually
> recommended.
how do i remove that passphrase from the key ring? -- clemens ino-waiting@gmx.net do D4685B884894C483 I use gpg --edit-key to removed the passphrase from the key ring. Then I extract both public and secret keys from gpg. Then I can add the public keys but can not add secret keys using pgp. I've tried both pgp in HP or windows. None of them works. Has anyone successfully move a GPG key pair to PGP? ____________________________________________________________________ Get your own FREE, personal Netscape WebMail account today at http://webmail.netscape.com.