Decryption through CGI/Perl script

Mark Malkasian
Tue, 2 May 2000 22:04:45 -0400

Actually, I'm trying that out right now. The problem is that many of 
the modules called by GnuPG-Interface haven't been loaded by our 
sysadmin, partly for security reasons, partly from indifference. I 
may end up trying to cut away a piece of your work, hopefully without 
mangling it too much. To use the entire module is kind of like firing 
up a Ferrari to drive to the corner grocery store.
Mark Malkasian

>Mark Malkasian, at 16:37 -0400 on Tue, 2 May 2000, wrote:
> > Is there a way around this, or does it make more sense to retreat and
> > declare victory? (BTW, if I were managing my own server I'd take a
> > look at the GnuPG-Interface module Frank Tobin has put together. See
> > . Very impressive.)
>Why can't you use this without managing your server? Just install to a
>private path, and make sure you 'use lib'.
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