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	Hi all!

	I'm helping to prepare an issue on libre software for the
magazine of the Association of IT Professionals working for the
Administration. I'd appreciate references to articles about the
following topics (be them new or not, but in any case with unlimited
permission for reproduction in the Web and in the magazine, in paper:
there is no budget for paying for reproduction rights. In case of
doubt, give us the reference, we will try to contact the author). All the
material will be translated into Spanish (we can translate English,
French, and perhaps Italian, Portuguese and German, but we prefer
English). Articles don't need to be long, if they are good (in fact,
short articles, with good references to more material, are
prefered). To make things easy, we need the material soon ;-)

	The topics we are more interested in are:

	. Experiences with use of libre software in the Administration.
	. Experiences of funding of libre software by the
Adminsitration (the German case of funding GPG is specially
	. Impact of software patents on libre software.
	. Applicability of libre software licences in Europe.
	. Stories about companies providing installation, development, 
support and/or consultancy for/using libre software, specially when
there are Adminsitrations among their clients, and specially if those
companies are European. No problem if those stories are written by
people working for such companies, but in that case please avoid
marketing ;-)

	If you have references about articles on other topics, please, 
tell me anyway. The general idea of the issue is to show people
working for the Spanish Adminsitration how libre software can be/is
used in the real world, specially in other Adminsitrations.

	Please, resend this message to any interested party.



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