Looking for an encrypted list

Eric Hanchrow offby1@blarg.net
10 May 2000 08:33:28 -0700

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Hall <tlhall@royal.net> writes:
Tom> I found a tgz file at: Tom> ftp://ftp.jpunix.com/pub/PGPdomo/pgpdomo.tar.Z Tom> Hopefully, you configure the "path to PGP", and instead use GnuPG, Tom> and it'll work just fine. Tom> After all, GnuPG is a "Full replacement of PGP" ;-) A word of pessimism: GnuPG is indeed meant to be a replacement of PGP, but (*sigh*) that doesn't mean it's a transparent replacement. Specifically: its command-line options are quite different, and I'd expect any program that was designed to use PGP would fail miserably if given GnuPG, because the program would pass command-line options that work for PGP, but don't work for GnuPG. Now, it would probably be reasonably straightforward to re-write the program to deal with GnuPG, but it would require work. Note that I've never actually seen pgpdomo; I'm just being a pessimist. And another thing: GnuPG (by default, at least) doesn't support the IDEA or RSA encryption algorithms, yet those are the only algorithms that PGP 2.0 for MS-DOS uses. So unless you get some GnuPG extensions for those algorithms, you cannot add PGP 2.0 keys to your keyring, or encrypt for PGP 2.0 users, or decrypt messages from them. -- PGP Fingerprint: 3E7B A3F3 96CA 8958 ACC5 C8BD 6337 0041 C01C 5276