insecure random number generator

Lars Hecking
Wed, 17 May 2000 18:47:21 +0100

> LH> I have now recompiled gpg 1.0.1e on Solaris to use Andreas Meier's
> LH> random device (cf. recent thread on -devel ;)
> I did something similar some months ago to let it work with the
> /dev/random as provided by SUNWski. I had to patch the sources to do
> that. So, this thread also belongs to -devel. ;-)
> Or do you mean you patched it as well?
I didn't. Back to -users :)
> It's because your random device is set to 'unix' ...
> What I did was to specify "linux" as rng (works only with patched
> sources) because then the source expects a /dev/random to be there.
I didn't think that was necessary because configure detected a random device! That seems to have solved it ...
> So either one patches the source (as I did) or we hope for Solaris
> /dev/random support in the official gpg sources as, by now, two
> /dev/randoms seem to exist (SUNWski ans Andreas'). But I guess Andreas
SUNWski exists only for Solaris < 7, or am I wrong?
> Meier's random device has to be examined before Werner "officially"
> suggests its use. Saying that, there's always egd ... :-)
Which Brian kindly made available now through http, as I was never able to ftp it ...