How to deal with old RSA keys

Eric Hanchrow
19 May 2000 14:12:55 -0700

>>>>> "Lyman" == Lyman Hazelton <> writes:
Lyman> But I have an old RSA key that's been kicking around for a Lyman> long time and I didn't have a die-date on it. I still want Lyman> to be able to get messages written to me with this key. Is Lyman> there a module that I can add to gnupg that will allow me Lyman> to do this? Not everyone is switching to gpg and I still Lyman> need to hear from them in private. This should really be a FAQ. If you're using Debian GNU/Linux, then all you need to do is install the packages `gpg-rsaref' and `gpg-idea'. Then add these lines to ~/.gnupg/options: load-extension rsa load-extension idea -- PGP Fingerprint: 3E7B A3F3 96CA 8958 ACC5 C8BD 6337 0041 C01C 5276