verify gpg-signed messages with pgp

Uwe Pre▀ler
Sun, 28 May 2000 11:04:27 +0200

Under Win i use PGP 6.5.3. I wanted to try gpg 1.0.1a so I exported my
public and secret key. I imported them with gpg - all works well. I can
use my old passphrase. With gpg i can verify and decrypt messages from
PGP. Also I can sign and crypt in gpg. I can use my key downloaded from
the keyserver - big. But when I want to verify a message signed with gpg
with PGP I get the right signer but not the validity. PGP also gives the
message "Bad signature". For me it isn't a problem to go completely to
gpg. But a lot of my friends don't want to change from PGP - it's so
easy to use a GUI. 

A second question: how secure is the secring.gpg. Can i let it on the PC
at my work, or must I always take it with me on a floppy?