Tom Hall
Sun, 28 May 2000 06:22:37 -0600

On Sat, May 27, 2000 at 01:53:28AM +0200, Horacio MG wrote:

> El vie, 26 de may de 2000, a las 05:32:08 -0400, Sensus Sam dijo:
> > Could you kindly advise as to whether this download is appropriate for
> > me as an independent writer and online teacher .
> Sure!
> > I Have purchased an IBM 1412 think pad lap top that comes with a
> > windows 98 disk I have as yet to upload-.
> Ah, do install a FREE *NIX (anyone, it's your choice... up to you... ask
> anyone for h** favourite) and, please, ask them to give you your money
> back for a SO (windoze98) which you are not going to use :)
Sam - Depending on what you're teaching and what kind of collaboration you do in your writing, you may feel that you're stuck using MS Windows. If so, CYGWIN is a FREE set of tools that you can use on Windows that'll give you a lot of *NIX functionality while still running Windows. (After you get familiar with *NIX this way, you'll probably realize that you are NOT stuck with MS Windows, and you'll want to do as Horacio suggests above). I haven't check into the status of GnuPG on CYGWIN, but I've had good luck compiling other *NIX tools on CYGWIN. I'd suspect that, if pre- compiled binaries for GnuPG on CYGWIN aren't available, you could compile the sources yourself pretty easily (gcc comes with the "full" CYGWIN download). - Tom