GPG For Win32 features working?

Thu, 09 Nov 2000 18:19:44 -0500

  Do both the 'default-recipient' and the 'default-recipient-self'
options work when used in the 'options' file with the Win32 version of
  I was looking for a way to always encrypt to myself when I recently
started using WinPT (the current version of WinPT only allows you to
select one User-ID to encrypt to at this time) so I ended up trying all
of the different choices I had by using different options in the
'options' file.
 As I understood the documentation, the 'default-recipient-self' option only
works if you've already defined a user with the 'default-key' option
(which I did), and the 'default-recipient' should work if you follow it
with a user ID.
   The only success I had was when I used the simple 'recipient' option
in the file.
  I used the same user ID in all cases and the only one that seemed to
work was the 'recipient' option.

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