Exploring the Web of Trust

Ralf Huels spambin@teleute.ping.de
Sat, 11 Nov 2000 21:54:17 +0100

To explore the Web of Trust, I wrote a Perl program that recursively
searches the web of signators for a given key in a GnuPG keyring.

It produces a list of signators and signators' signators by levels of
remoteness (i.e. the length of the trust path to the chosen key). It creates
Unix style shell scripts that retrieve missing keys from keyservers (I don't
use automatic key retrieval). It also produces graph data output that can be
used with Graphviz from AT&T and Lucent Bell Labs.

It's a simple toy, but if you're curious about the trust paths leading to
your key, it might be useful.

Incidentally, it revealed to me that there is a trust path of length 3 to
myself from one Werner Koch :-) (4931A04F<-FA18A639<-611F3F35<-0C9857A5)

You can find the program at http://www.teleute.ping.de/pgp/graph
a signature is at http://www.teleute.ping.de/pgp/graph.asc 



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