FALSCHE Unterschrift von "Werner Koch (gnupg sig)

Joerg Soos jws@acota.de
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 00:30:20 +0100

Very special thanks for the fast responds of you two, my fault at all.
The checks were ok so i just installed the binary (in a new directory) and
everything works fine (the old one i've just renamed). (Didn't find anything
about uninstalling a program that wasn't installed with rpm [Linux in a
nutshell/oreilly--man make] so i just "let it be" sorry but i'm just in the
business (linux) for 2 or 3 months)
I supose that i can use my created key with the "wrong version" ,if i don't
hear anything against it from you i will do so

thanks in advance and for your help in the past

Joerg Soos (and as i said - ni dieu ni maitre *-)

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