Decrypting conventionally encrypted pgp2 files?

Mark Atwood
02 Oct 2000 23:59:19 -0700

I've installed GnuPG 1.0.3, and have installed the IDEA extension.

I've got a bunch of files that were "conventionally encrypted" using
PGP 2.6.2, which I assume means that the cipher is IDEA and the
passphrase was hashed with MD5.

I'm trying to get gpg to decrypt the files. No joy. My old pgp2 can
still do it, so I know I havnt forgotten the passphrase. I had
assumed that either just

gpg filename.pgp


gpg --s2k-digest-algo MD5 --cipher-algo idea filename.pgp

would do it, but they both fail with "gpg: decryption failed: bad key"

Any pointers?

Mark Atwood   | |

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