Win 98/2000 Shell for GPG

Ed Suominen
Fri, 06 Oct 2000 10:50:36 -0700

Several people have written some pretty nice shell programs for PGP 2.6.1. 
These programs are freeware but not unfortunately not GPL. They have 
largely fallen into disuse with the advent of PGP 5.x and above, and it 
would be great if they could be used with GPG, which remains a command-line 
program. (I'm really looking forward to GPA, the GUI version of GPG, but no 
telling when it will be stable and usable with Win 98/2000.)

One of the better looking shells is "Scytale" written by Patrick Buseine 
( and available at Some nice screen shots are at I REALLY want to figure out a way to 
use this software with GPG to obtain a freeware crypto solution with an 
easy-to-use graphic interface that I can distribute to clients and colleagues.

The command line for GPG is a bit different than that for PGP, but the 
software is otherwise largely compatible. Has anyone thought of 
implementing a "PGP emulation mode" for GPG so that it would be 
command-line compatible with PGP and thus usable with one of these shells? 
(It would be simple enough for users to rename the file "pgp.exe" for this 
purpose.) Ideally, the authors of this software would modify it to be 
GPG-compatible or, better yet, put it under GPL so others can do so. (You 
might want to contact Mr. Buseine about that request.)

Ed Suominen
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