Windows interface for GnuPG?

Ed Suominen
Mon, 09 Oct 2000 07:30:29 -0700

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I've been looking for a Win32 shell for GPG for a while. So far, the only 
ideas are:

(1) to use one of the existing Win32 shells for PGP 2.6.1 with pgpgpg, a 
"commandline wrapper tool to allow the use of scripts written for PGP with 
GnupPG," (
(2) to write some batch files that you can drag and drop files onto as 
icons. (Simple, but very limited.)
(3) re-write on of the freeware front ends (most running under Win32 are 
NOT open source) to work with GPG. See the following examples:
   (a) (GNOME frontend - could 
this be rewritten for Win32? Is there a "GNOME emulator" out there for Win32?)
   (b) One of the better looking Win32 shells is "Scytale" written by 
Patrick Buseine and available at Some 
nice screen shots are at The author has 
told me he's interested in updating it to work with GPG but is very busy at 
the moment and is not quite ready to open the source and maintain it.

The GNU Privacy Assistant, GPA, ( is in the 
works, and when it's done it should provide THE solution, as long as it can 
be compiled under Win32.

Let's keep in touch - a good GUI for GPG will eliminate the last remaining 
need for PGP and NAI. (Sorry, Phil, but I'm disappointed in what's happened 
with ADK and PGP 7. Plus I need a free solution for distribution to my 
clients and colleagues.)

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"Lars Hendric Kruse" <> wrote in message> Hello!
 > On my Linuysystem I use both, PGP and GnuPG to encrypt E-Mails.
 > Now I have got a version of GnuPG for Win32 but I haven't found any
 > interface for it. Since I am also using PGP 2.62 it is no problem to
 > operate the programme, but a plugin for Eudora and a graphical
 > userinterface would make it much erasier.
 > Any suggestions?
 > Thanks - Lars
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 > Lars Hendric Kruse *
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