More calls for Win32 GUI for GPG...

Ed Suominen
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 20:54:28 -0700

Posted to sci.crypt today:

No Win32 GUI for GPG yet, though Werner Koch says it is still in the works.

I've taken the liberty of copying this post (with your original post) to (archived at You can 
get some good info about GPG there and perhaps offer help with the GPA 
project if you like.

Hopefully a Win32 GUI will materialize soon. Linux is great for those 
committing to use it, but I think GPG will really take off (and give some 
real visibility to GNU software) when they get it working well with one 
particular proprietary OS.

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"Tom McCune" <> wrote in message 
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 > In article <8s4loo$2uf$>, wrote:
 > >Hi,
 > >
 > >I use gpg on my linux box. Now I read something on deja, that a gui
 > >interface for windows is in work. How far is that work, and is it true
 > >that there is no gui for gpg (win) at the moment (I searched and found
 > >just the statement that somebody, somewhere is working on it...)
 > >
 > >Thanks, Ralf
 > When I looked at it, there was not only no Windows GUI, but GPG for
 > Windows was beta and it included the warning that it should not be used
 > for secure encryption. Maybe it is out of beta?

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