understanding what gnugp can do

Armin Hartinger armin@pctechware.com
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 12:22:22 -0700

Hello Graham,

actually keymanagement is a non-issue for me, as I just need to decrypt orders
from my online-store. So there are only 2 parties involved, the store and the
receiving PC.

All: When decrypting via the command-shell, is there a way how to avoid being
prompted for the passphrase? (it's insecure, I know, but I want to batch it)


I will try those out (probably not now, as I'm at work)

Graham wrote:

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> Good evening, Armin Hartinger
> From :armin@pctechware.com
> Subject:Re: understanding what gnugp can do
> > I probably commit something like a sacrilegue here, but I need a windows-gpg
> > capable email client (for my wife mostly). Anything out there?
> >
> > -Armin
> Yes Armin, there is!
> You need both Becky 2 and the GnuPG plug-in, but be warned GnuPG runs as a
> command line Dos program under Windows with no keyserver support. For this,
> at present, you will also need to download the freeware version of PGP.
> Becky 2 will allow you to Sign, Encrypt, Decrypt, and Verify but you will
> need to undertake key management through Dos.
> It is at the present time the *only* Windows e-mailer supporting GnuPG,
> although I understand The Bat! will support OpenPGP when v 2 is produced
> (don't hold your breath!). There is a version of Pine for Windows but it
> does not support GnuPG and nobody who has written PGP support for Pine under
> Linux that I have contacted has thought about Pine for Windows.
> So, for the moment, its Becky 2. Currently its in advanced Beta form and
> available from:
> http://www.RIMarts.co.jp
> This program is shareware (or will be when out of Beta) but the GnuPG
> plug-in is freeware. It is available from:
> http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA023900/gpg-pin/BkGnuPG031.zip
> It too is Beta, but very stable.
> If you want to download these, I'll be pleased to talk you (or your wife)
> through setting it all up! I like Becky 2 and the plug-in, as you can see
> from below!
> Please PGP/GnuPG sign mail for verification and encrypt for internet security
> My GnuPG Key ID: 0xEB389C4E | My PGP Key ID: 0x99DB10BD
> Graham <graham@todd276.worldonline.co.uk>
> 23/10/00 19:41:48
> Written with Becky! 2.00.00 Beta 32 and ATML and GnuPG Plug-Ins
> Version: GnuPG v1.0.3 (MingW32)
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