Re[2]: understanding what gnugp can do

Tue, 24 Oct 2000 00:56:15 +0100

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Good morning, "Jack McKinney"

 Subject:Re: understanding what gnugp can do

> Hmmm... If outlook express has a plug-in for PGP (albeit a bad one),
> and there is a wrapper script for converting PGP options into GPG options,
> couldn't one replace PGP on a windoze box with the wrapper making Outcrook
> Express or Netscape thing that PGP is under the hood? Wouldn't this add
> two windoze MUA's to the list of supported ones?
No, because the plug-ins I've referred to do not access the command line, which is how GnuPG is implemented in Windows. PGP 5.0.x up to PGP 6.5.8 have a command line version, too, but its the version of PGP that *does not* run from the command line that is accessed by these plug-ins. In my experience (though I have yet to have it confirmed) I believe there is a "bug" in the command line version of PGP 5 and up which prevents "sign & encrypt" working.
> I am about to go bop our windoze guy on the head with this one, and
> see if he comes up with working solution.
I'd be interested in his results.
> First, I gotta find the Bear Software Netscape plug-in...
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