compiling gnupg-1.0.3 on our AIX 4.2.1

Charles Yuan
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 11:13:45 +1000

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are in the process of installing gnupg-1.0.3 on our AIX system but
failed. The system type is PowerPC IBM running AIX4.2.1

The issue is that AIX4.2.1 has not got one of the assembly functions,
multiplication,  to compile one of the modules, mpih-div.c in gnupg-1.0.3.
Here is the error message after running make command.

mpih-div.c: In function `mpihelp_mod_1':
mpih-div.c:86: warning: implicit declaration of function `__udiv_w_sdiv'
mpih-div.c:100: Invalid `asm' statement:
mpih-div.c:100: fixed or forbidden register 64 (mq) was spilled for class

I would be most grateful if you know of any person who successfully compiles
gnupg-1.0.3 on AIX4.2.1 or if you could provide us any suggestions that
might be of assistance to me.

Best regards,

Charles Yuan
Unix System Admin
CPS Group of Companies
Phone: 61 2 9968 5710
Fax:   61 2 9909 2010

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