greating .gnupg with version 1.0.4 ?
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 13:22:30 +0200 (DFT)

Hi All,

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I'm looking to create a bianry distribution of GnuPG for AIX-4.3. I have
GnuPG working, but it won't create the ~/.gnupg directory automatically!

I want to deliver a binary with no static "rng" (as suggested somewhere in
the doc), or maybe with the "unix" rng linked statically, and then
activate the EGD rnd via the options file. However I don't know how to
"auto-create" the options file, since gnupg isn't even auto-creating the

Here's what gnupg says:

# ./gpg --gen-random 1 5 | xd
gpg: Warning: using insecure memory!
gpg: keyblock resource `//.gnupg': file open error
gpg: keyblock resource `//.gnupg': file open error
gpg: can't create `//.gnupg/random_seed': A file or directory in the path
name d
oes not exist.
00000   50 43 94 59 f6                                    PC.Y.

I had the same problem in 1.0.3, but I can't remember having it in 1.0.2
(but then maybe I just linked egd statically in 1.0.2).

Thanks for any help,

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