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Ricardo Dias Marques
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 00:42:04 +0000

Hi John Kodak,

At 10:18, 29-10-2000, you wrote:

>I have downloaded the two files associated with the Windows
>I have no idea of where to go from here.
First of all, think carefully if you do want to install GnuPG on Windows. If you are expecting a Graphical Client (GUI) in which you basically point-and-click, then I suggest that you get PGP instead. GnuPG, in its Windows version, is a (MS-DOS) Command Line program. If you _do_ want to install GnuPG anyway, then great! :) 1) Extract the contents of the ZIP file into C:\GNUPG using a program like WinZip 2) Read the Friendly Manual that John Saylor talked about. It is called "The GNU Privacy Handbook (English)" and it is available at 3) The commands available at the Privacy Handbook listed above are for Unix (Linux and others), but they work the same in Windows. Basically, you open an MS-DOS Prompt and type the commands that are listed there. So, to generate a key, for example, you'd go to the GNUPG directory, in the DOS shell, like this: cd\gnupg and then you'd type: gpg --gen-key Don't try to use the keyserver commands, though - they don't work (yet) in the Windows version. Good luck! :) Ricardo Dias Marques -- Archive is at - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to