Can't compile RSA / IDEA under Windows

Michel Bouissou
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 11:35:28 +0200

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Hi Werner,

You wrote:

> Modules don't work under Windows. RSA will be included in 1.0.3
> which is scheduled for Septemper 20th.
Thank you for your answer. About RSA, I was expecting it to be included with the standard GnuPG distribution as soon as its patent expires, and I'm glad to read it will be the case. But there must be a way to incorporate IDEA as well. Even though I understand that you don't want to include a patent-encumbered algorithm into the standard GnuPG distribution, there must be a way for integrating it externally to get compatability with versions 2.6x of PGP. The success of GnuPG, IMHO, depends for a large part on its complete compatability with PGP, and as well on its complete availability under Windows (you know, there still are about a dozen of Windows users out there ;-) So, how could the IDEA / Windows version be solved ? About PGP compatability: I've seen that GnuPG allows it thru quite esoteric options (--force-v3-sigs, --rfc1991, --s2k-*, --cipher-algo, - --compress-algo, --digest-algo...) that are to be correctly combined. Also, for encrypting and signing a message that will be readable for PGP 2.6x, I've seen from the docs on the GnuPG Web page that you must run 4 GnuPG rounds (!) with file combinations and tons of options. Even though this might be usable for experts, it will surely not help any newcomer (or even average user) to communicate with PGP 2.6x users. So, I'd like to suggest that GnuPG should include quite easy-to-use-for-beginner options (such as for example --compat-PGP26x - --compat-PGP5x) that would allow GnuPG to behave exactly as PGP would when encrypting or signing messages that are supposed to be decrypted with PGP. Is there already such a thing planned? What are your thoughts about this? Best regards. Michel Bouissou <> PGP DH/DSS ID 0x5C2BEE8F -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: PGPfreeware 6.5.8 for non-commercial use <> Comment: Corrigez le bug PGP ADK. Installez PGP 6.5.8 ou superieur. iQA/AwUBObSwTo7YarFcK+6PEQIm3QCghIIni/UJ6fbGxc2q5qFbW0IKRNMAn3MH d7aoVuIz4LxLPyay2fSwWq/U =ld5n -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- -- Archive is at - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to