GnuPG - PGP compatibility [Was: Can't compile RSA / IDEA under Windows]

Werner Koch
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 15:50:42 +0200

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Michel Bouissou wrote:

> Last but not least, a number of tools in usage today, such as anonymous
> remailers, heavily rely on PGP 2 and PGP 2 format keys, making them necessary
> for interacting with such systems.
Which are quite unreliable and won't not cope with a much larger user base. There is some work to be done at the remailers not in the protocol.
> People that trust only PGP2 (for it has been there for long, extensively
> reviewed, etc.) would never trust a newly "fixed" version of PGP2 incorporating
> CAST5. That's why this suggestion doesn't make sense.
They can look at the code and given the simple control flow used in PGP 2 it can be implemented quite straightforwad.
> And not integrating these algorithms into the main distribution doesn't force
> GnuPG to display messages stating these algorithms are "deprecated" or
> "obsolete". Maybe just "unsupported" in the corresponding module is not
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