Algorithm preferences (was: decrypting pgp with gpg)

Huels, Ralf KSV
15 Sep 2000 11:13:57 +0200

> The best way to avaoid this is by changing the preferences of your
> public key using either PGP (you can select them somewhere) or GnuPG:
> Change the expiration date of your key and the default GnuPG
> preferences will be written. (you may want to change the expiration
> date back to the original value later).
Algo preferences in the key were a matter of some discussion in recently. Please correct me, if I´m wrong: AFAICS GnuPG always defaults to 10/4/3 and there is no way to change the preferences other than the way you describe above, which I think is awkward. Changing the preferences to anything else but 10/4/3 is not possible at all, is it? Would it be possible to add a method to change preferred algorithms in the --edit-key funktion and options to set preferred algorithms to user preferences at key generation time to the to-do list for future versions? Tschuess, Ralf -- Ralf Hüls Bismarckplatz KSV Kreditschutz-Vereinigung GmbH 44866 Bochum Score-Consult Tel. 02327/9114-28 Fax. 02327/8 40 27 -- Archive is at - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to