PGP 6.5.3 on Windows and GnuPG 1.0.3 ??

Peter Biechele
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 07:43:08 GMT

Hello !

I know it is discussed probably a lot of times, but I can not find the 
right Mailings or HowTos. 
I am trying to use GNU PG 1.0.2/3 on Linux and on the other end of the 
communication line PGP 6.5.3 on Windows.

I have created my own secret key/public key on Gnu PG Linux and exported 
it to an ASCII File. This ASCII File was imported on the PGP 6.5.3 
program and worked fine. Then the other side created a PGP 6.5.3 keypair 
and exported their key to ascii. I tried to import the PGP 6.5.3 public 
key to my keyring and it worked, except the name of the other side was 
missing on the Geheimnis GUI in the KeyRing display. But it was available 
in the gnupg commands. 

To test the installation, we encrypted a file using my GNU PG public key 
on PGP 6.5.3 running Windows. I tried to decrypt this file on my Linux 
GNU PG machine, but it did not work !!!

Does anybody have experience with exchanging encrypted files between PGP 
6.5.3 and GNU PG 1.0.2/3 ???? We just want to communicate securely !! No 
export of secret keys necessary.

Thank you very much for your time and patience !

Best Regards

Peter Biechele

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