Questions about Win32 version

Wed, 27 Sep 2000 21:12:47 -0400

  A few questions about the Win32 version.

  OK, is there a way to specify paths to your keys other than
with the command line switches --keyring and --secret-keyring?
 The command line version(s) of pgp (at leat 2.6x) had a
config.txt file where you could specify paths.  Does GPG
have this option? 

  The reason I ask is because I have my keyrings in a secure
Scramdisk volume, and I do not keep them in the same 
directory as the GPG executable.
 Also, does Win32 have a problem with the overall length of
the arguments that you can use when calling gpg?  I wrote
a batch file so that I didn't have to constantly type the
really long  --keyring and --secret-keyring switches, and
when I combine that with other arguments, GPG seems to
get confused, I thought that might be related to the sheer
number of characters on the command line at that point.
Perhaps I'm specifying things in the wrong order.  If you
were going to write a batch file for Windows to do what I
described, what would it look like?
 And lastly, I can get GPG to work with that batch file
when I do not specify any recipients.  GPG then asks
me for a recipient and then says something like 'you
may use "-r", which I assumed meant that by using the
-r option, you could then specify multiple recipients, but
if you use the -r switch there, it says, "no such user ID."
 Am I crazy?

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