GnuPG on Startup-Floppy / DOS mode error
Thu Apr 5 08:21:09 2001

        Thursday 05 April 2001 at 0815h
        Thank you, Werner,
        I'll try Vsta and QNX (downloaded it yesterday) and see if I
        get it done.  It's time to change to *nix, anyway.
        Your help will be appreciated!
        k l a u s  e.  w e r n e r
        On Wednesday 04 April 2001 at 1030h
        Werner Koch wrote:

| On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, wrote:
| > start-up floppy, formatted with all the system files, and
| > though I could boot it GnuPG refuses to run saying "This
| > program cannot be run in DOS mode".
| Well, this is the W32 port which does mean it runs on Windows 95
| kind of OSes but not on plain (Free|PC|MS|DR)DOS. There might be a
| port to plain DOS availabe but I don't recommend it.
| Try to use a one floppy GNU/Linux distribution (I know that this
| will be hard) or use another POSIX like kernel to port GnuPG. I can
| help you if you decide to work on a small VSTa (
| based
| GnuPG floppy.
| I have also plans to create a bootable CDROM.
| Ciao,
| Werner
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