[Announce] new gnupg snapshot

Stefan Bellon sbellon@sbellon.de
Sat Apr 7 15:58:10 2001

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   RJ Marquette <rj@rmarq.pair.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 7 Apr 2001, Stefan Bellon wrote:
> > So, I don't see any problem here. New users just _try_ things. So
> > they'll try to import as usual and then come across this message.
> > Not even a need to consult a man page, methinks.

> Still, I forsee a FAQ on this.
Could be, yes.
> Also, I'm not clear on how using this option prevents the attack. So,
> instead of doing it in one step, I do it in two... RJ <G> :)
Well, it can't happen without the user noticing it anymore. Till now you could import a bunch of public keys and this didn't prevent importing of a secret key hidden amongst them. Now you see that there's somebody trying to feed you with a secret key. You can of course import it (in a second go with the --allow-secret-key-import switch), but it doesn't work without you noticing it. Greetings, Stefan. -- Stefan Bellon * <mailto:sbellon@sbellon.de> * <http://www.sbellon.de/> PGP 2.6 and GnuPG (OpenPGP) keys available from my home page Never get between a programmer and the coffee machine