[Announce] new gnupg snapshot

Karol Pietrzak noodlez84@earthlink.net
Sun Apr 8 16:07:10 2001

On 7 Apr 2001, RJ Marquette wrote:

> On Sat, 7 Apr 2001, Stefan Bellon wrote:
> > Well, it can't happen without the user noticing it anymore.
> > Till now you could import a bunch of public keys and this
> > didn't prevent importing of a secret key hidden amongst them.
> > Now you see that there's somebody trying to feed you with a
> > secret key. You can of course import it (in a second go with
> > the --allow-secret-key-import switch), but it doesn't work
> > without you noticing it.
> Okay, that makes sense, and it's relatively easy to see why you
> want to do it that way instead of the old way. (Your explanation
> would make a good response for the FAQ, by the way.)
> I'm curious: does PGP have similar features?
no. pgp imports it automatically and informs you (with a pop-up dialog) that secret keys have been imported. -- noodlez: Karol Pietrzak GPG/PGP-KeyID: 0x3A1446A0