Installation - make says no targets
Tue Apr 10 18:48:15 2001


I have just tried to install gnupg and I have the following problem. After 
I run ./configure I type 'make' and I get the following response: 
"make: *** No targets.  Stop."

I tried starting over and running configure with --target=localhost, but 
it didn't make a difference. I am trying to install this on Mac OS X, 
which I suppose isn't supported, but I thought that it would work because 
it's a derivative of BSD. As you may have gathered I have little 
experience on Unix platforms, which may be the real problem here. But I 
checked the archives of this list and couldn't find any references to 
'targets'. Any help is appreciated.


P.S. Please cc me in any response because I'm not subscribed to the 
mailing list.