A couple of questions

Marshall Dudley mdudley@execonn.com
Tue Apr 10 21:53:02 2001

I have GNUPG working but have a couple of questions.

I am using the program to encrypt credit card numbers before sending
them to the store from a webcart.  The admin of the store enters their
public key, and the setup scripts I have written put it on the public
keyring.  If they want to revoke the key, once again they can send the
revoking certificate and the scripts will revoke the key.  This part
seems to work properly.

But I have some questions.  The pubring.gpg grows larger, instead of
shrinking, when a key is revoked.  Then if I try to import the same key
again, it refuses to import it.

Just what is it doing when you revoke a key?  Is it just marking it as
revoked?  Why can't I import the key again (I am trying to test the

Since it doesn't appear to delete the key from the actual keyring, I am
now trying to delete the keys from the keyring.  If I select --edit-key
and then enter deluid it responds with "You must select at least one
user ID."  I have tried using "select" to select an id, but there is no
such option.  If I enter a user id after the deluid, I still get the
same response.  Anyone know how to "select the user"?

Can anyone enlighten me on this?