New GnuPG command line option.

Thu Apr 19 00:23:01 2001

On Wed, 18 Apr 2001 16:38:17 -0400 or Thereabouts
The voices in my head told me that Rich <> said:

> Timo compiled a Win32 version of GnuPG with his dyn-load code
> in it for me and I was fooling around with the IDEA module
I was driving home from work after posting my original message and realized that I made an error when I spoke. The dyn-load code was contributed by the fine gentleman with the username disastry. I believe his name is Janis. As I understand it Timo changed a few things in the version he sent me, and also contributed some additional dyn-load code. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
> gpg --cipher-algo IDEA --digest-algo MD5 --compress-algo 1
> --rfc1991 --s2k-algo MD5 --s2k-mode 0
I also don't think the s2k-algo option is needed. :-) I have no idea why I wrote it. Full moon? :-) Rich... ________________________________________ The Central New York Linux User Group Now with one of them web page thingies! <->