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Martin Bretschneider
Sat Apr 21 22:40:02 2001

On Fri, 20 Apr 2001 12:15:06 +0200
Werner Koch <> wrote
about Re: windows version:

moin moin Werner,

> I use this libraru for my Syplpeed port.
[...] Can you tell me what's the development-status of the win-sylpheed is, since I'm looking for a good mua for my sister who uses win98. On I've found a link to a version 0.60cvs... Apart from the errors with the fonts (and the older version) it seems quite OK:) Do you compile the the src with a windows-compiler and what's with a version that's more up to date? -- Where prejudice exists it always discolors our thoughts. When in doubt, tell the truth. Mark Twain In order to verify the truth use gnupg. Key-ID: 4EA52583 Regards, Martin