--passphrase-fd with a pipe handle under Win32

Timo Schulz twoaday@freakmail.de
Sun Apr 22 14:07:02 2001

On Sun Apr 22 2001, Maxim Masiutin wrote:

> Thank you for the hint! The problem, however, is in interprocess
> communication under Win32. It seems that GnuPG is unable to read
> from a pipe handle passed as a numeric value. Maybe that was because
Hmm, the last time I checked this it worked perfectly. Did you miss anything?
> mingw32 adds some unwanted wrappers to operations with handles? I
> should continue the investigation. I took a look into GnuPG source
> code but it seems to be all right there. I tried to download mingw32
No, MingW32 is only a cross compiler. It doesn't add any additional wrappers. Cygwin is a W32 compiler that put a simple POSIX layer onto the W32 API functions. (IIRC)
> Although there was written that "authors of MUAs should consider to
> use GPGME", I found no API reference inside gpgme-0.2.1 archive. Is
> there any reference exist?
AFAIK there is no API reference yet. But you can use the files from the tests directory to see how it works. GPGME is useful for any application that uses GPG calls, I use it for WinPT which isn't a MUA. Timo -- Two-a-Day at WinPT.org keyid BF3DF9B4 http://www.WinPT.org