Re[2]: --passphrase-fd with a pipe handle under Win32

Maxim Masiutin
Sun Apr 22 22:38:02 2001

Hello Werner!

>> I'm writing a program that launches GnuPG in --batch mode, it
>> creates pipes via CreatePipe() Win32 API function and uses these
WK> Filehandles under W32 are very different than the Posix ones. USe WK> the lates GnuPG version (1.0.4h) and they should work. A new W32 WK> binary will be released along with 1.0.5. I've just took GnuPG binary 1.0.4g for Win32 from and, miracle, it works! I'm now passing the passpharase via --passphrase-fd, separately from stdin! Thank you for your support! -- Maxim Masiutin Vice President, Ritlabs S.R.L.