Wed Apr 25 14:17:01 2001

Dear friend,

We are writting to you to introduce two free resources highly=
 interesting for your web site provided by, a new=
 universal instant communication tool (

1) Offer your own instant messenger program on your website. The=
 service can be totally customized to achieve maximum adaptation=
 to your pages:

  - Build up your visitors=92 customer loyalty  and attract new=
  - Increase the traffic on your pages and reinforce your brand=
  - Create community feeling on your website and know your=
 visitors better  
  - Monthly statistics and maximum security

2) Offer the visitors to your site an online assistance service.=
 Speak with your visitors online, explain their doubts and guide=
 them as they surf your site:

  - Increase customer satisfaction and lower your site's abandon=
  - Increase your sales and improve customer loyalty 
  - Your visitors will be able to see whether any operator is=
  - Automated answers, conversation recording and monthly=
  - Maximum adaptation to your web   
  - Accessible for any visitor with a click

We will be glad to evaluate with you the free integration in your=
 site of any of the two Parlis=92 resources mentioned above. Given=
 the versatility of our product, we are sure we can find the=
 solution that best fits into your web site.=
We look forward to hearing from you very soon. Yours truly,

Webmasters Support Team