Mac OS X

Nathan Heagy
Wed Aug 1 17:38:02 2001

> Okay, before Werner wakes up to find this issue coming back up, I'll
> attack it. The problems with Darwin ... have nothing to do with GnuPG
> in particular. It is only that GnuPG is one of the programs whose
> configure scripts won't work with zsh.
I'm not using zsh on this machine. Unless you're saying tcsh is zsh? Also I've built gpg on zsh on Linux. Either way it doesn't seem like zsh has anything to do with this problem...
> Werner was very clear about this before: GnuPG is only responsible for
> problems with itself, not problems with the build system.
Ok then who maintains the build system that GnuPG uses? I'll go there and submit the patches (I'm sure they'd be interested in making it work) then once the build system works w/ Darwin GnuPG can update their version. Then all the other gnu tools that have the same bug would be fixed as well. nathan